lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

My first post

"Modi di moda" is a blog written by more hands and which involves more "minds" (the most creative, innovative, ironic...the most!). We'll be constantly in search of trends, news, curiosity, we'll interview the guru of fashion, design ,of events and we'll give you some minutes of entertainment which is always better in life! "Modi di Moda" was born from a reflection as actual as ironical: the fact that today fashion lays down the way we should dress, and it can influence the way we should be and so how we should act and speak up to suggest particular attitudes and even some manners of saying and doing.. We'll look for these "manners" to analyze them in a ironic keys, but not only, we'll suggest cool and innovative column too! As I'm MaryP.. And soon I'll introduce myself to you, my readers...

2 commenti:

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